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MM 150 Automatic Molding Sprayer

Note: The MM 150 is now sold under the SP-12 name, click here for details.

The High Performance coating capability of the Dubois MM150 automatic sprayer increases production, lowers costs and virtually levels the playing field for small and medium size companies. A throughput speed set at 150 feet per minute will produce a mile of moulding an hour with consistent quality. The chemical resistant chassis, and yellow zinc-plated articulating gun mounts are indicative of the quality that will provide years of dependable service and satisfaction. The 1-hp hazardous location motor is equipped with a variable speed inverter which provides 110v single phase plug-in convenience. The MM150 is designed to accommodate 29” minimum l​engths, and 12” maximum widths. 

System Components:


The MM150 is equipped with three of Graco’s newest automatic air-assisted airless spray guns, manifolds and GG5 tips. The automatic guns work in conjunction with an air logic controller, which controls the opening and closing operating times of the spray guns. 
The Spray guns are both solvent and waterborne compatible and fully satisfies the California South Coast Air Quality Management Districts HVLP requirements.
Thanks to their simple operation and maintenance, MM150’s guns do not require expert or skilled operators.


The swing out basket provides convenient access for loading 5-gallon containers of coating. The basket then swings back beneath the machine when in use.


Coating product is fed to the spray guns by means of the dependable Graco 10:1 Severe Duty piston pump. The design provides a 10:1 fluid ratio to compressed air pump supply. It is multi-gun capable and delivers material on demand at operating fluid pressures to 1200 psi. The stainless steel body is chemically compatible with today’s finishing materials and solvents.



Paint transfer efficiencies to 75% or more are common in controlled systems like the MM150. The reason’s are higher volume of atomization air at lower pressures, timely gun triggering, and the most accurate and efficient angle of gun position relative to the part being sprayed.



The oscillating abrasive quick discs are, in just half a revolution, moving 120 mm sideways in one direction and back again in the second half of the revolution. Altogether the travel of the abrasive on the surface is more than 4”. This means that the fibers on the surface will be attacked alternately from the right and left side up to 20 times per second. As a rule, the rpm will do more to the aggressiveness than the grit.

It should be understood that the MM150 denibber is not a sander per se. 
You can expect it to:

  • Brush small fibers off the surface of the wood without creating new ones. This means the wood will look brighter.
  • Break sharp edges. The edges still look sharp but the color pigments in the stain, sealer, or topcoat will stay on the edges and protect them instead of falling off.
  • Used as a sealer “sander”, the discs not only smooth the surface but matte the sealer to make the topcoat adhere better.

Placed in the spraying zone of a functional spray booth, the booth’s face velocity offers sufficient protection against overspray pollution for the operator and the work area as well. The mobility (it’s on wheels) provides roll away storage convenience when not in use. 

  • Infeed Speed 100 to 200 Feet Per Minute
  • Motors and Controls for 115V/60Hz/15amp
  • Air Pressure 90psi
  • Minimum Product Length 29”; Maximum Product Cross Section 12” x 3”
  • (1) One Graco President 10:1 Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • (3) Three Graco 239-788 Automatic Guns w/GG5 tip .013”
  • (3) Three Graco 239-981 Manifolds for Guns
  • (2) Two Graco Regulators w/Gauges
  • Graco Stainless Steel 100-mesh Filter
  • Single Head 1725 rpm Oscillating Denibber
  • 1 HP Hazardous Location Motor and on-off Switch
  • Computer-designed thru-flow funnel and overspray collection
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Air Logic Time Delay
  • Zinc Plated Gun Arms 
  • Stainless Steel EZ Feeder Fence

- Overall Height 60”
- Overall Width 28”
- Overall Length 98”
- Weight 850 lbs.
- Shipping Weight 1000 lbs.