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SP-12 Automatic Molding Sprayer


The Dubois SP-12 Automatic Molding Sprayer is an all in one molding spray machine.  Boards are loaded through the front, pass into a de-nib/sanding zone then pass over a whisker switch that triggers the three automatic spray guns.  The SP-12 is perfect for businesses looking to put a high quality and repeatable finish on their millwork at very high production rates.

Click here for the SP-12 Brochure and SP-12 w/Enclosure Brochure

SP-12 System Specs:

  • Compatible with both waterborne and solvent based coatings
  • Maximum part width: 12”
  • Maximum part height: 3”
  • Minimum part length: 36”
  • Maximum line speed 150 fpm
  • Must be used in a functional spray booth unless the machine is equipped with the optional exhaust system
  • Fluid system with three spray guns, fluid filter, & fluid pump included, three adjustable gun arms
  • 9’-0” long variable speed live roll conveyor
  • Pneumatic gun trigger mechanism to automatically trigger guns on/off
  • De-nib station mounted to infeed with choice of sanding head or nylon de-nib brush

 Optional Equipment/Features:

  • Removable rollers to transfer parts across spray area (14” minimum part length)
  • Stain wipe station mounted to outfeed with stain wipe brush
  • Exhaust system with spray enclosure, exhaust fan, & exhaust filter system
  • Conversion to pump system with individual gun regulators
  • Conversion to photo eye gun trigger
  • Addition of manual spray gun
  • Machine sold without de-nib station or without pump & gun

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