Industrial Fluid Handling & Spray Finishing Equipment



Custom Two Component
Proportioning Application


One of our large wood office furniture manufacturers needed to implement a totally new finish and finish methodology on their custom case goods in order to remain “best in class” as well as obtain the coveted LEED “Green Certification” for their products.

This project was to be a multiple plant endeavor and required close coordination with the Polyurethane coating supplier, quality control, plant engineering and production employees. This Polyurethane coating technology had never before been implemented in the US on this scale in this industry and we were involved in the earliest stages of testing and feasibility studies.

Extensive testing determined that traditional pre- mixing or “hot potting” would not achieve an accurate mix and flow out and the desired “look could not be obtained. Changes in viscosity during the production day made it obvious that a mix on demand type method of proportioning would be needed.

It was determined to incorporate the Graco Pro Mix 2KS Automatic Proportioning System with color change for their multiple sheens of topcoat. The Pro Mix Easy was implemented for the Sealer applications. These units offer simple programming, easy to understand operator interface and a high degree of ratio accuracy (which was important in making this finish implementation a success).

 This project also required the design and installation of a new paint supply system including the innovative Graco SST NXT Pumps with Data Trak for the resin side coating and SST bellows pumps for the thick sticky catalyst. All of the clear coat Polyurethane products utilized a Graco SST fluid heater to maintain a constant temperature as well as to help flow out the more viscous material. Energy efficient high torque piston motor in drum agitators were also used to keep the resin side in suspension.


Bring your challenging 2 component proportioning application to us and let us help engineer a cost efficient solution that improves productivity and ensures a quality finish.