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Custom Blast and Paint System with Side Downdraft Paint Booth, Kitchen and Graco PD2K Proportioner

We recently completed a project for a customer who had to start from scratch to purchase a system to blast and refinish a variety of metal weldments ranging in size from 2’ to 30’ long. Part variety is completely random and the customer had a 4 2K color plus 2K primer palette to choose from. Our solution included a Global Finishing Solutions 14’W X 14’Tall X 30’ L Blast Booth with slotted floor and PRS Pneumatic Recovery System, a Global Finishing Solutions 14’W X 14’Tall X 30’ L Side Downdraft/Cure Paint Booth with Booth Mounted 28,000 CFM Rupp Air Make Up Unit and an innovative Graco PD2K Paint Proportioning System with attached Paint Supply Kitchen.
  • Since the size and color of the part requiring refinish was not predicable, it was important to provide a method of mixing and supplying the 2K paint that did not require manual intervention and even more importantly,  did not generate significant  waste when switching from color to color frequently throughout the day. The Graco PD2K unit was chosen for this reason. All colors are available at all times via separate fluid hose bundles. The operator merely needs to QD his gun from one bundle to another to change colors and dispense a small predetermined shot of solvent to flush and change colors. This minimizes waste and eliminates manual mixing time and mixing errors.
  • The attached Paint Kitchen was populated with reliable Graco Triton Diaphragm pumps feeding Resins from agitated 5 gallon pails. Catalyst is pumped with a Husky Stainless Steel Diaphragm pump. All solvent flush waste is returned from the PD2K pumps and spray gun to a closed top 55 gallon drum
  • Operator training was a critical component for the success of this installation because there was no existing finishing operation from which to pull seasoned painters or blasters. We worked closely with the manufacturers to provide a number of on-site training sessions and we have made additional training available on an as-needed basis.
  • A Global Finishing Solutions Industrial Style Side Downdraft booth was chosen for complete operator flexibility. The wide variety of size and shape parts lend well to this style of booth and the 100FPM airflow assures good overspray removal no matter what part geometry is presented. The entire ceiling of the spray booth serves as the air inlet plenum; assuring clean even air flow the side exhaust plenums. The Spray Booth also features an Auto Balance System that continually monitors booth pressure and, via a variable frequency drive, adjusts fan RPM’s to constantly keep the booth in balance as the filters load with paint- thus extending paint filter life. The Air Make Up Unit is designed to discharge up to 140 degree air and, via variable speed drive and damper package, allowing for an accelerated paint cure. This speeds throughput in the finishing area.
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