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Custom Flow Meter Job

One of our sealant and adhesive customers came to us with a need to engineer a custom flow monitoring/dispense solution for a particularly tricky application involving a variety of solvents that need to be dispensed automatically into a mixing vessel.

The current process involved operators pumping these different solvents into 5 gallon safety cans, weighing them and then manually pouring them into the mixing vessels. The process also involved using ladders to gain access to the mixing vessels. What made this application unique was:
  • Many of the solvents were highly flammable
  • The area where the pouring, weighing and mixing is a Class I Div I Explosion Proof Area
  • Several of the solvents could not share common fluid lines because of their volatile interaction with one another.
  • Multiple Mixing Vessel endpoints

Our successful solution which the customer has implemented and since reordered involved:
  • A combination of Gear and Coriolis Meters for flow measurement
  • A unique multi-valve solvent selection and distribution manifold with nitrogen purge to allow incompatible solvents to follow one another in the same recipe
  • Highly detailed software schema that allowed selection of specific gravity  of up to 30 solvents during setup
  • Solvent Countdown timers that alarm when low levels are reached in supply containers
  • Manual and Automatic Dispense modes
  • Modular design which allows for easy expansion
  • Class I Div I Explosion Proof Operator interface

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