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Custom Spray Paint Booths

(Old Air Make Up Unit shown to the right)

We recently completed a major spray booth rehab for a Midwestern custom trailer manufacturer. Their existing 60’ Long X 60’ High X 16’ Tall Semi-downdraft style paint booth was no longer able to give them the throughput or quality paint job that was vital to satisfying their customer’s needs.

The aging air makeup unit was not only undersized but lacked the proper electrical controls that would allow them to spray, and then bake their trailers efficiently. The building/spray booth layout required a circuitous routing for the exhaust duct and that ducting was undersized, which led to overspray removal problems.

Our team met with the owner and paint room supervisor to devise a plan that would upgrade their spray finishing system with a new properly sized air make up unit and booth fan as well as a more efficient exhaust duct routing. This all had to be accomplished in the middle of winter with minimal downtime as this company was experiencing unprecedented demand for its products.

Our team arrived on a Friday afternoon to pour the pad for the new Air Makeup Unit and within 4 working days:

  • Had the new Air Make Unit installed, plumbed and wired
  • New connecting ductwork ran from AMU to paint booth  
  • Had Unit up and running including new control panel with Auto Balance and Variable Volume Cure
  • New Exhaust Fan and Mounting Adapter Flange installed
  • Tore out old exhaust run and supplied and installed new appropriately sized exhaust duct to customer’s existing opening.
  • Supplied “Paint Pockets” Style Filter Media Blankets which improved air flow and overspray capture
The customer was back up and running late the next week and has experienced all the benefits of a new spray and cure booth at half the cost of a complete new paint spray booth. They subsequently favored us with another order for a smaller spray and cure booth to enable them to paint their various small parts and subassemblies.