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2 Component Proportioners - Graco 2K Systems

Graco Pro Mix 2KS

Graco's Pro Mix 2KS proportioners offer precise and reliable electronic plural component proportioners for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. From entry level to upgraded applications, the ProMix 2KS and 3KS systems provide flexibility and increased efficiency.

  • Offers the highest degree of ratio assurance
  • Provides critical process variable feedback
  • Built in system safeguards
  • Effective color change solution
  • Efficient material tracking and reporting

  • ProMix 2KS Automatic System
    Maximum working air pressure
    100 psi
    Air supply
    75–100 psi
    Air filter inlet size
    3/8 npt(f)
    Air filtration for air logic and purge air (Graco-supplied)
    5 micron (minimum) filtration required; clean and dry air
    Air filtration for atomizing air (user-supplied)
    30 micron (minimum) filtration required; clean and dry air
    Mixing ratio range
    On-ratio accuracy
    up to +/- 1%, user selectable
    Fluids handled
    one or two component: solvent and waterborne paints, polyurethanes, epoxies, acid catalyzed varnishes, moisture sensitive isocyanates
    Viscosity range of fluid
    20-5000 cps
    Fluid filtration (user-supplied)
    100 mesh minimum
    External power supply requirements
    85-250 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 2 amps maximum draw, 15 amp maximum circuit breaker required, 8 to 14 AWG power supply wire gauge
    Operating temperature range
    Environmental conditions rating
    indoor use, pollution degree (2), installation category II
    Wetted parts
    303 and 304 stainless steel, Tungsten carbide (with nickel binder), perfluoroelastomer, PTFE
    Maximum fluid working pressure
    Base system
    4000 psi
    Low pressure color change
    300 psi
    Coriolis Meter
    2300 psi
    RoboMix system
    190 psi
    Flow control
    190 psi
    Fluid Flow Rate Range
    G3000, G250 Meter
    0.02–1.00 gpm
    G3000HR, G250HR Meter
    0.01–0.50 gpm
    Coriolis Meter
    0.005–1.00 gpm
    S3000 Solvent Meter (accessory)
    0.01–0.50 gpm
    Fluid Porting
    Flow Meter Fluid Inlet
    1/4 npt(f)
    Dose Valve/Color Valve Adapter Inlets
    1/4 npt(f)
    Fluid Outlet Size (static mixer)
    1/4 npt(f)
    Noise Level
    Sound pressure level
    below 70 dBA
    Sound power level
    below 85 dBA