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Graco Pro XP Air Assisted Airless Electrostatic
Spray Guns

Pro XP 60 KV 

Pro XP 85 KV

Graco's new Pro XP Air Assisted Airless Spray Guns are smaller lighter and offer superior atomization and spray quality.  We now have a 60 kV and an 85 kV Air Assisted Airless Guns, with the 65kV version being the lightest AA electrostatic gun on the market.  See the chart below for gun models and click for the gun's product page.
Part Number
Power Supply kV Coating Type Display Type
85 Standard Standard
H85M10 85 Standard Smart
H60T10 60 Standard Standard
H60M10 60 Standard Smart
H60T18 60 Waterborne Standard
H60M18 60 Waterborne Smart