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Binks Trophy Series HVLP Spray Guns


The new Binks Trophy Gun offers the same reliable performance that Binks users have enjoyed for years with an updated ergonimical design, lighter trigger pull and hardened "Tuff Tip" fluid nozzle to reduce wear.  The Trophy Gun is offered in a wide varity of needle/nozzle/air cap combinations and fully capable of spraying a wide range of materials and viscosities.

Click here for the Trophy Brochure or the Trophy Gravity, Trophy Pressure or Trophy Siphon Manuals.
Part Number
Fluid Nozzle/Air Cap
Air Cap
Fluid Nozzle
Needle Material
Feed Style
.85MM x 33H 46-6519 45-11050-85 Stainless Pressure
2465-85HV-31PO .85MM x 31H 46-6517 45-11050-85 Plastic Pressure
2465-10HV-33SO 1.0MM x 33H 46-6519 45-11050-10 Stainless Pressure
2465-10HV-31PO 1.0MM x 31H 46-6517 45-11050-10 Plastic Pressure
2465-12HV-32SO 1.2MM x 32H 46-6517 45-11050-12 Stainless Pressure
2465-12HV-31PO 1.2MM x 31H 46-6517 45-11050-12 Plastic Pressure
2465-14HV-32SO 1.4MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-14 Stainless Pressure
2465-14HV-31PO 1.4MM x 31H 46-6517 45-11050-14 Plastic  Pressure
2465-16HV-32SO 1.6MM x 31H 46-6518 45-11050-16 Stainless Pressure
2465-18HV-32SO 1.8MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-18 Stainless Pressure
2465-18HV-32SS 1.8MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-18 Stainless Siphon
2466-12HV-32SG 1.2MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-12 Stainless Gravity
2466-14HV-32SG 1.4MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-14 Stainless Gravity
2466-18HV-32SG 1.8MM x 32H 46-6518 45-11050-18 Stainless Gravity