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Merkur ES Air Assisted Airless Spray Packages

Part Number
Pump Ratio Lower Mount  Type Gun
24F150 15:1 Plated Steel Wall Mount G15
15:1 Plated Steel Stand Mount G15
24F158 15:1 Stainless Steel Wall Mount G15
24F159 15:1 Stainless Steel Stand Mount G15
24F152 30:1 Plated Steel Wall Mount G40
24F153 30:1 Plated Steel Stand Mount G40
24F156 30:1 Stainless Steel Wall Mount G40
24F157 30:1 Stainless Steel Stand Mount G40
24F154 30:1 Plated Steel  Wall Mount Silver Plus
24F155 30:1 Plated Steel Stand Mount Silver Plus

*All ES Air Assist packages include 25ft. fluid and air hose assemblies, air controls,  5 gallon suction hose & pickup tube and AAM413 tip.

*24F145 & 24F155 are airless packages and include 25ft fluid hose, 5 gallon suction and pickup tube and 163515 tip.