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Bench Top Spray Booths

GFS Bench Top Spray Booths are the smallest booths we offer and  are perfect for small part/low volume industrial or hobbiest applications.  They are available with an integrated raised bench or made to set on an existing countertop.  GFS Bench Top Booths can ship as fast as 3-5 days after order.  Please call or fill out "contact us" form to learn more or request a quote.

See the chart below for the available sizes and specs offered in GFS' Bench Top Booth Line:
Model # Inside Dims Outside Dims Fan/Motor # Lights 
DFBCG030402NSB0LTT  3'W x 4'T x 2'D  3'4"W x 5'T x 4'2"D 12"/ 3/4HP / 1200SCFM 0
DFBCG030402NSB0L 3'W x 4'T x 2'D 3'4"W x 7'10"T x 4'2"D 12"/ 3/4HP / 1200SCFM 0
DFBCG030403NSB0L 3'W x 4'T x 3'D 3'4"W x 7'10"T x 5'2"D 12"/ 3/4HP / 1200SCFM 0
DFBCG040403NSB1L 4'W x 4'T x 3'D 4'4"W x 7'10"T x 5'2"D  12" / 3/4HP / 1600SCFM 1
DFBCG050403NSB1L 5'W x 4'T x 3'D 5'4"W x 7'10"T x 5'2"D 18" / 1/2HP / 2000SCFM 1
DFBCG070403NSB1L 7'W x 4'T x 3'D 7'4"W x 7'10"T x 5'2"D 18" / 3/4HP / 2800SCFM 1