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Open Face Paint Booths

 Open Face Spray Booths are the most popular style booth.  They employ cross-draft airflow, are available in 260 pre-engineered sizes from 6ft to 20ft wide and can also be custom build for any application.  The open face allows for a wide variety of finishing applications and easy access in moving your product in and out of the spray booth. Please call or submit a "contact us" form for pricing and more information.

*Pre-engineered booths can ship as fast 5 days after order and start at $3400.00

Here are some common sized Open Face Spray Booths in each of the standard pre-engineered widths:

Model #

Inside Dims

     Outside Dims


# Lights

DFOCG-060706 6'W x 7'T x 6'D 6'4" x 7'10" x 9'2" 24"/4200 SCFM/1HP 1
DFOCG-080808 8'W x 8'T x 8'D 8'4"W x 8'10"T x 11'2"D 24"/6400 SCFM/2HP 2
DFOCG-101012 10'W x 10'T x 12'D 10'4"W x 10'10"T x 15'2"D 30"/10,000 SCFM/5HP 4
DFOCG-120810 12'W x 8'T x 10'D 12'4"W x 8'10"T x 14'2"D 34"/9600 SCFM/3HP 2
DFOCG-141012 14'W x 10'T x 12'D 14'4"W x 10'10"T x 16'2"D 40"/14,000 SCFM/5HP 4
DFOCG-160708 16"W x 7'T x 8'D 16'4"W x 7'10"T x 12'2D 34"/11,200 SCFM/3HP 2
DFOCG-181012 18'W x 10'T x 12'D 18'4"W x 10'10"T x 16'2"D 40"/14,400 SCFM/5HP 6
DFOCG-200810 20'W x 8'T x 10'D 20'4"W x 8'10"T x 14'2"D 40"/16,000 SCFM/5HP 4